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Time Attendance & Scheduling

Many attendance system solutions are offered in the market. Do not be confused! Try the 14 Days SmartPresence Trial, read more here about its features. Compare the convenience we provide to you, with affordable service prices.


With 5 Main Focus Functions

Smart Presence features for record, tracking, control and reporting.






Features Highlight

How smartpresence generates valid and accurate data.

Data Capturing Function

Accommodated with SmartPresence DataCapture app, with built-in face pattern recognition. Ability to detect the location of GPS attendance in a predetermined place. Plus it can do sampling of facial pattern and SmartSync to perform data transfer efficiently. Application settings are set from the system dashboard centrally, it’s easy to apply new attendance rules without having to set to each app device.

Time Tracking Function

Accommodated with dashboards web and two time tracing apps with mobile compatibilily, Dashboard & Employee apps already available for Android & iOS versions. Dashboard for tracking by admin, spv or manager, while app Employee for attendance user see attendance data. Data Tracking drill down attendance data in the form of log attendance, timesheets, photos and GPS location. All record can go forward and backward by date.

Scheduling Function

Accommodated with dashboard web and mobile. Master work hour data schedules can be created on both platforms. To specially enter the shift schedule while it can only be done on the web dashboard. To exchange shift schedules independently by each person through the Employee mobile application. Shift schedule exchanges can also be made by the admin via the Mobile or Web Dashboard . Master schedule of working hours is not limited and can have the details that apply to start setting the effective date.

Controling & Reporting Function

Data Supervision can be accommodated from the main dash web page and mobile dashboard. Providing attendance insight with diverse information groups with detailed data in each of them displays important and informative data making it easier to make decisions. For the report is ready as payroll support data. The report of the recapitulation data and the attendance history log can be displayed by filtering within the specified timeframe, or a particular group owned by employee attributes or using export report feature.

Everything you need for time and attendance management.

The SmartPresence feature gives you a lot of ease for managing attendance data on your business or organization.

Face Recognition
Dinamic Setup
Expession Detection
Smart Enroll
Mobile Dashboard
Web Based Supervision Feature
Request & Approval
Timesheets Marker
Android Native
Dashboard App Android
DataCapture App Android
Employee App Android
IOS – Emp & Dash App
Custom Data Grid
Control & Supervision Attendance Data
Manual Attendance Log Entry
Data Capture Custom Setup
Company Base Account Login
Daily Backup
Access Restrictions
Log System
Master Users Access
Fitur SmartPresence DataCapture
Fitur SmartPresence Fleksibel & Dinamis

Smart Presence Feature is Flexible and Dynamic

Why? Because many things you can customize. Does the attendance application need to be online and the GPS shoud be positioned on? Is a particular device allowed to record face pattern sample? How many percentage of face pattern is accepted? Therefore, user can set system according to needs and conditions.

Face pattern identification & anti-fraud technology

Unusual digital timeclock photo recording doesn’t not perform identification. One feature Timeclock recording doesn’t identificate. One of the features identificates user’s face and anti-fraud feature with motion recognition that asks user to make some face movements such as closing eyes, smiling randomly.

Fitur SmartPresence Teknologi Pengenalan
Fitur SmartPresence Pendaftara Pola Wajah

Secured selft enrollment with Smart Enrollment

The primarly question is when identification technology depends on smartphone camera, is camera not infrared? Then, to recognize in low light conditions? For every installed data capture app has self-enrollment feature. It is Smart Presence feature for enrolling additional self face sample and it also has default level of face similarity with 60 percent in average which is compared to first and following samples.

SmartSync Method

Do you think Attendance is recorder app that always connected to the server? Oh no! Imagine how wasteful internet connection and network are and of course it will make employees become stuck and slow. Calm down, SmartSync method in Data Capture app performs data synchronization effectively and efficiently.

Fitur SmartPresence Sinkronisasi
Fitur SmartPresence Dashboard
Fitur SmartPresence Multi Akun

One account, multiple organizations

Do you have several organizations? But you still want to manage in one platform and organize each administrator as well as the privilege customly? Don’t worry! Smart presence has user management feature so you can manage freely user access on Smart Presence Dashboard.

Easy to manage Working Hour and Shift Schedule on attendance application

Is your Shift Schedule Setting complex so as it can’t be applied in a simple finger print? Or even become boomerang when it records attendance data? Try Smart Presence Now! Set working hour and shift schedule. We solve complex working hour for more than 2500 employees in hospital or even small office that has 30 employees.

Fitur SmartPresence Penjadwalan
Fitur SmartPresence Notifikasi

Priority of Supervision thru Notification

Notifications appeared on Data Capture app are attendance with percentage of similaity less than the requirement but above 80 percent, attendance is out of the specified GPS circumference range, and apply for leave, sick leave, or employee dispensation notice.

Giving Approval

When attendance is out of range and the percentage of dace similarity is slightly below the limit, approval is required. Administrator can see the list on notification include absentee approval for any reason.

Fitur SmartPresence Approval
Fitur SmartPresence Informasi Data Instan

Information of who are in office, not yet clock in, late, home early

Whether mobile app or website, you straightly access attendance summary such already check, not yet clock in, late, who are still in office, approved leave, attendance based on ranking, attendance graphic, best employee based on attendance ranking. It’s complete and easy.

Fitur SmartPresence Employee App

Employee is up to date of personal attendance information

Employees get update data of their time and attendance recognized by the company in the form data that can be accessed through employee app. Thus, the two sides are transparent about attendance data.

Fitur SmartPresence Detail Informasi aplikasi Employee
Fitur SmartPresence Pengajuan PTO melalui aplikasi Employee

Applying PTO thru application

Facilitated with employee application for each employee in order to see the detail of time and attendance schedule and also with PTO submission feature accompanied by attachment. Including feedback whether the submission is being approved or not.