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School Attendance System Solutions

SmartPresence can be implemented in schools, elementary, junior high, high school & vocational, public and private. Its implementation is also very effective and efficient. When compared to buying a system or the procurement of applications and devices only.

Group Management with Attribute Management Features

You can use the attribute feature to group students at school. Like Class Name & Level. You can also separate teacher attendance management with students separately into 2 different organizational accounts.

Supervision from homeroom, through Dashboard app

Supervision of the homeroom is possible for the classroom students covered by the homeroom concerned. Insight into daily attendance data and at any time possible to take the action required by the Homeroom. All set from Data Master | Others | Restrictions & Permissions

Use kiosk modeling for students & teacher attendance process

The DataCapture app is installed on a tablet or smart phone, with a security frame attached to the wall, in a safe space of light and rain, added an internet connection for data synchronization.

Take advantage of Android SmartPresence Employee Apps

Parents can install the employee application on their smartphones, then request user and password based on the parent’s mobile phone number recorded in the SmartPresence system. With this parents can see the data of the presence of children with more complete & realtime.

Take advantage of SMS Gateway features at an affordable price

Schools can use SmartPresence’s integrated gateway SMS feature. Purchase non SMS masking packets starting at the price of 150IDR, – / SMS. Can be used for sms attendance info, sms school announcement info.

Create attendance reports easily and quickly

With the automation of attendance data summary from SmartPresence, the administration and the homeroom can create reports quickly and efficiently. Insights about attendance with complete data details that can be accessed whenever needed.

SmartPresence Implementation on School

See implementation methode on user