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Our page that contains insights about SmartPresence Services, around technology in attendance tracking, implementation of the latest technology, tips and advice related to services.

Employee break time in actual or on schedule

SmartPresence gives you several options to set this up on the system Some companies apply automatic break cuts in working time between incoming & outgoing times. For example the work schedule is entered at 08.00 and out at 17.00, break at 12.00 – 13.00. Then the working hours are 8.00-12.00 and 13.00-17.00, equals 8 hours....

Improve Position Recording Accuracy when Record Attendance

DataCapture App, Google Maps & GPS Settings on your phone / smart tablet One that distinguishes between a attendance system and an attendance manual is its ability to automate recap of attendance data. For more attendance systems, which have supported data mobility mobility, can perform absenteeism from anywhere, on company rules and requirements for employees....

Determining a Reliable Attendance System

How important is the presence data in a company? The answer must be very important. Attendance is one of the main elements in HRD activities. In addition to being a disciplinary indicator, attendance is an important milestone for every dollar that employees receive. HRD own part has big duties and responsibilities and as one cost...

Employee Shift Exchanges are still a burden for Corporate Leaders?

Features For More Flexible Employee Shift Management The shift working model is the working time divided by rotation within 24 hours. Workers engaged in the rotational shift system will vary their working time, morning, evening, and night, according to the specified rotational shift system. Rotary shift work system there is a slow nature, there is...

Smart Presence Rest API

REST is one type of web service that implements the concept of inter-state transfer. State here can be described as if the browser requests a web page, then the server sends the current state of the web page to the browser. Navigating through provided links is the same as replacing the state of a web...
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