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Attendance Solutions for Hospitals

Hospital Attendance Management is certainly quite complicated. Management of shift schedules and shift exchanges and ease of scheduling is needed in the hospital. Attendance information to each employee, supervision of each headroom for attendance analysis. Access restrictions and the accuracy of information play an important role here.

Working Shift Working hours are unlimited

You can create unlimited data shifts for each section, as needed. Allows high flexibility, including the latest shift schedule with customizable dates that replace the old shit schedule.

Application Installation of Data Recorder Attendance is unlimited

Large hospital conditions require the number of presenting devices may be more than 10 places. We do not limit the number of installations of the datacapture app. Can also be installed on employee smart phones that have high mobility.

Helpdesk support via livechat at any time

We provide good technical support for the implementation of systems in the hospital environment, so that the system can be adjusted optimally to meet the needs and challenges in presenting and supervising and tracking attendance data of employees.

Assistance system implementation consultation to be used optimally

When in doubt will use this system, can first use trial version for 14 days, and in that period can do consultation with us. So that RS can better feel the benefits to be provided.

Shift management is better with online work shift exchanges

One other convenience for shift work schedules is an online shift exchange feature utilizing the SmartPresence Employee application, enabling every employee to make a work shift exchange offer. The head of the room or supervisor can still monitor the exchange.


Implementation of SmartPresence at the Hospital

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