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Government Agency Attendance Solutions

SmartPresence as an attendance solution for civil servants. With multi account and search features, and with no restrictions on the number of data recorder installations. With mobile compatibility both for supervision, data recorder and information portal as well as with REST API, SmartPresence can be a solution to be applied to Local Government / City Government or Ministry which has service branch in various region.


Unlimited Application Installation

With a large number of employees and the position of each SKPD far apart is required installation of data recorder applications in many places. SmartPresence does not burden the local government or city or agency in it for an additional fee.

Multi Account Organization

The Regional Secretariat or the Office of Communications and Information or the Regional Personnel Board assigned in handling the data presenting permanent employees can supervise and report realtime data per agency when each agency is separated as each organizational account.

Supervision of data enrollment and anti fraud sample

Data supervisors can monitor the enrollment data. Because the data sample list of the face is still in the form of photos, so it can delete the sample data sample that is less good as a sample. SmartPresence has a smart system comparing the data of each sample so that within specified limits the specified can reject the face sample being added.

Time Tracking and Reporting

Tracking the details of the time log, and attendance are fully displayed in the attendance report, either in the form of recapitulation per working group according to attribute data, can also per employee etc. And logs of system usage, changes made etc.

Employee Portal

Employees are equipped with the SmartPresence Employee application to display their respective attendance data. So employees quickly find out how their attendance data is recognized. And can also send a notice of leave plan or news absent because of illness.

Implementation of SmartPresence in Government Agencies

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Department of Public Works and Housing of Badung Regency

Office of Communications and Informatics City of Denpasar