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about time attendance

SmartPresence gives you several options to set this up on the system Some companies apply automatic break cuts in working time between incoming & outgoing times. For example the work schedule is entered at 08.00 and out at 17.00, break at 12.00 – 13.00. Then the working hours are 8.00-12.00 and 13.00-17.00, equals 8 hours....
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How important is the presence data in a company? The answer must be very important. Attendance is one of the main elements in HRD activities. In addition to being a disciplinary indicator, attendance is an important milestone for every dollar that employees receive. HRD own part has big duties and responsibilities and as one cost...
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Not just for part time workers Even if you are a regular-paid worker and not a wage per job. Why should it be like that? Let’s see our current perspective. Many of our friends post in social media about their workout activities. How far are they running, cycling or walking. Or how much load the...
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Discipline is something important? It can not be denied that discipline is one important factor in an organization. It is said to be important, because the discipline will affect the performance of employees in the organization. The higher the discipline of employees, the higher the achievement of work that can be achieved. In other words,...
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I may not be the one who always gets up early. So many days in my life that I went through and many mornings that come and go in my life. The era of sharing information accessed through the gadget seems to foster a new habit of always sleeping late, the problem is also caused...
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know the important points How a business or company views the discipline of its employees. Does the company see this as important? With the increasingly high business competition required productivity and work efficiency, the company must continue to innovate to survive. Companies should be able to put the integrity and timeliness of their employees in...
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At SmartPresence we are empowering mobile devices as a tool to retrieve employee hours data. In addition to improving the integration capabilities, reduce fraud or buddy punching and certainly create a better experience in using mobile devices for attendance record and control process. Surely we believe with mobile technology with built-in face pattern recognition is...
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Doing job attendance supervision work can be a very tedious job. From entering an employee work schedule, recording the timesheet (hours worked) each person, to calculate the PTO (paid time off) that you should check associated with a different master data. Matching then marks or reduces and increases the value of each parameter. Not to...
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