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SmartPresence gives you several options to set this up on the system Some companies apply automatic break cuts in working time between incoming & outgoing times. For example the work schedule is entered at 08.00 and out at 17.00, break at 12.00 – 13.00. Then the working hours are 8.00-12.00 and 13.00-17.00, equals 8 hours....
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DataCapture App, Google Maps & GPS Settings on your phone / smart tablet One that distinguishes between a attendance system and an attendance manual is its ability to automate recap of attendance data. For more attendance systems, which have supported data mobility mobility, can perform absenteeism from anywhere, on company rules and requirements for employees....
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Features For More Flexible Employee Shift Management The shift working model is the working time divided by rotation within 24 hours. Workers engaged in the rotational shift system will vary their working time, morning, evening, and night, according to the specified rotational shift system. Rotary shift work system there is a slow nature, there is...
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REST is one type of web service that implements the concept of inter-state transfer. State here can be described as if the browser requests a web page, then the server sends the current state of the web page to the browser. Navigating through provided links is the same as replacing the state of a web...
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Journey to a standard of productivity In an internal meeting, Surya Sanjaya owner of SmartPresence.id gave us a briefing. Discussion on the topic of how productivity can be improved. As a startup that offers tools to increase productivity, of course, this becomes the main point of our discussion internally as well. Do not let us...
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Chat with us via the chat feature The saying goes ‘Out of sight, out of mind’, as well as SmartPresence. If you feel inspired by our service, but fail to find the WOW moment you expect, which may be due to the registration and confirmation process and setup model that you have not understood. So...
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Wake up from nightmares Do you know the data posting feature on SmartPresence service? Of course if you served as an account admin company user service would understand, if not served as admin you may not know, especially you have never tried our service. Manual posting of feature data is to manually execute attendance data...
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Use valid data when registering yourself SmartPresence Online Time & Attendance Service. Entering our 9th month running beta, everything we do manually will move to a slightly more automated reference, first we will improve how you start connecting with us, that is, individual accounts and how you generate account accounts. Well this is the explanation....
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Dynamic features to reduce physical touch to mobile device screens Is a feature that is in the mobile application Data Capture. As the main application to add attendance record is now equipped with pinless feature or without input pin or identity identifier first. While this feature runs smoothly and stable and has a pretty good...
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