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FAQ : Web Time Tracking

Does SmartPresence have time attendance tracking features through a web platform?
Yes, of course, it is also a key feature of SmartPresence. In the Web Dashboard application, we have provided a feature that allows users to drill down data down more detail and complete, according to user needs.

What are the time and attendance tracking on the SmartPresence Dashboard web?
On the front page of the web, by default there are several groups of attendance insight types:
Insight Already Check, which displays the data of those who have done the presence, this section has details to be traced each date, with 3 parts of the summary, which displays the number of data has been absent based on the type of work hours, the second shift displays the data number of people in shift performing attendance. The third tab is detail displays data of people who have done presence with data profile photos, names, employee attributes, date and time record attendance, each cell data tersbut still be traced again in the form of employee profile, history of attendance and recapitulation data of people we choose.
Insight No Yet Check, showing the same search with Already Presence of course with detail based on people who have not done presences. The difference is in detail data tab shown here is profile photo, name, attribute and phone number, and button to contact each person’s contact. With the intention if the data is in handle by the supervisor or manager can make a direct phone call to know about the absence or not the absentee of the employee.
Late Insight is a data group displaying employee data showing employee details or late people on that day, and can also be tracked in previous days. Each data detail shows an employee profile photo, time of entry attendance record, and number of minutes or hour of delay. Each of these data can be further traced to the history and recapitulation of attendance.
Insights Available In the Office is a data group that displays the details of the data of people who have been in attendance and have not recorded an exit attendance. The details of the data shown are the profile photo, the name and the time of record entry.
Insights Absent Permit is to display attendance data in all employee offices in all date range displayed in the latest. The data shown here means the data that has been approved for its absence. In each data there are details, profile photo, name, phone number, date range, type of absence and description. Any such data may be further traced to its history and recapitulation.
Initial Insight is a data group that contains data of people who have recorded attendance records earlier than scheduled for the day. Details of the search data shown are profile photos, names, record types and outbound recording times, and the number of minutes or hours out ahead of schedule. Any data can be further traced to the history & recapitulation of their respective presence.
Insights based on the Location Map the position of the attendance record is done. In the form of map view, can be moved and zoomed in or out. Each node on a latitude & longitude that appears can have photo details when record attendance, name, presence type, date and time details, and employee group attributes.

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