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FAQ : Notification Invalid Face Recognition & Out of Range Location

If there is a record of attendance with a warning, does that mean there is a notification for this?
Yes, of course. SmartPresence with 2 percentage type feature to avoid being unable to attend one’s absence due to applying a percentage of the lower limit of record attendance with notification. It can be ordered through Settings | Common on the face similarity. For example, the limit of doubt when the Present is 70% while the Present Validation limit is 90% then when the record of the presence of percentage similarity between 70-90 and the introduction has reached the timeout there will be a presentation of presence with the notes. If the user chooses to submit as ‘record with a note’ then on the system dashboard there will display Face Sample Not Match. The administrator or supervisor in charge may see a match between the sample, the profile photo and the photo when the current record of attendance. If no doubt it is the right person then the notification may be approved, or done otherwise.

Is it just face notification? What about location?
SmartPresence also provides an initial warning when attendance does not match the specified location point range limits. If this happens the DataCapture app usually displays an invalid location. However, if still forced to record attendance then this data will enter on the warning and approval. The administrator or supervisor who is authorized can match the position of the record done and contact the person related to absenteeism not within the specified location range. If the reason is accepted then the notification warning may be approved if it can not be rejected.

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