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FAQ : Employee Leave

Does SmartPresence have system notifications for absences, submitted by employees through the portal?
Yes, of course. By providing ease of submitting certain types through employee application by each employee to the HR department or manager or supervisor. Of course we give notification on dashboard application if there is such filing. In the mobile application will display a number marker in the notif. When opened will display data for example is the absence at the office on certain dates.

Can further action be taken for each notification?
Yes, of course can be followed up. Any such submission may be accepted or rejected through a web or mobile dashboard application. If you do not have access to do so you may only be able to view the submission without being able to take further action.

What are the results after action is taken based on the notification?
The first is the employee / person who submits to see if what they are proposing is approved or not. In some special cases such as the absence of the office for reasons of illness is certainly not cutting off work, but different if sick is without letters and filing tersbut eventually rejected. So absenteeism would enter alpha, and certainly cut the rest of the leave.

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