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FAQ: About Employee TimeSheet

How does SmartPresence show detailed employee data reports that contain recapitulation and logs and permission to exclude employees within a certain time frame?
This report shows a detailed timeline for each selected employee and with a specified time range through the specified time range. This employee time sheets report has 4 sections: Employee Details, Recapitulation, Attendance History, and Permission tab Not Signed.

Employee Details contains details of employee data in the form. Name, PIN, HP Number and attribute parameters associated with the employee concerned. While the Recapitulation tab contains the recapitulation time sheet data in the selected time range. Then the Attendance History contains the employee’s logs or history or attendance history within the selected time range. Furthermore the Permission No Login tab contains data on the submission of the employee’s absent permission within the selected timeframe.

Recapitulation Tab
This tab contains the same column details as the Attendance Report, which distinguishes is the data displayed is the employee data selected within the timeframe specified on the Report per employee page.

Further different is to have a column with the name of Presence Fittings that provide information when the absence is not complete, recapitulation on the date line can not be calculated working data.

Attendance History Tab
This tab contains the same column and report details as the Presence Log Report, which distinguishes the data displayed specifically for selected employees within the timeframe specified on this page.

Permission Tab Not Signed
This tab contains data not present at the office submitted by employees through the application SmartPresence Employee or manually entered by the admin through Data Master | Presence | Permission Not Enter, the difference is that the data displayed only belongs to the selected employee and within the specified timeframe on this page.

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