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FAQ:Working Hours

Does SmartPresence have scheduling features?
Yes, SmartPresence has a scheduling feature. For full-time and part-time model work.

How to set up a full time work schedule?
For full time set on SmartPresence can be done when adding data working hours later on the type of work hours set full time.
The addition of this working hours data is the master of working hours only, where this master can be filled in terms of minute tolerance marker delay, minutes start overtime calculation after the outgoing hour schedule.

How to fill in details of full time work hours?
A Full Time Hour Data can have more than one detail, but can only be active one of them. On or off the details of working hours can be seen from the applicable start column. So if within a month there are 2 details working hours with valid date then the employee time sheet will be calculated by 2 details, if done recalculation or post data.

What about the resting schedule? Is it calculated as a long working range?
In every detail of working hours in each day can be added to the schedule break. Breaks can be filled more than one.
The break time range, will not be counted in the total length of work within 1 day within the day’s work schedule range. For example, the entrance is 08: 00-17: 00, the break is between 12:00 and 13:00, someone has the entry data at 08:00 and exit at 17:00 then the working time will automatically counted 9 -1 = 8 hours.

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