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FAQ:Shift Scheduling

Does SmartPresence accommodate shift scheduling?
Yes, SmartPresence accommodates shift working hours and scheduling. The part-time working hour can be set by adding the first master’s name of the working hour. The main differentiator is to choose the kind of part-time working hours.
In the masters of part-time work hours can be arranged minutes of late sign-in tolerance and minute overtime after shift hours ends.

Then how to add detail shift clock?
This can be done by adding details to the master of the part-time working hours. Modeling of the schedule can be integrated with the Holidays data as well as the enactment of selected days of the week or all days of the week.

Is it possible to categorize the shift morning, afternoon or evening?
Of course in shift detail can be made some shift schedule, be it morning with its own time range, can be made group category based on morning, evening, night and others. Of course this becomes easier when applying a shift schedule to someone.

Does it also support scheduling shift work to each person?
Yes, the scheduling to each person specified with the shift details corresponds to the employee’s work hours.

Does it support for one day there to be multishift for an employee?
Yes, support for multi shift. Limited in the same workplace mater.

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