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FAQ: Mobile Apps

Does SmartPresence have mobile apps?
Yes, the SmartPresence attendance system, has 3 mobile applications for compatibility. So it can be used anywhere, not only for attendance data recorders, but also for mobility dashboard system, mobility data access by employees. Dashboard app for system dashboard available iOS and Android, DataCapture app for attendance data recorder available only in Android and Employee app for employee portal against time attendance available for iOS and Android.

Does the mobile dashboard capability match the web version dashboard?
Yes, of course. The web dashboard and mobile version are almost identical, the mobile version just does not come with reports.

Can employees access their mobile presence data from anywhere?
Of course, with the Employee mobile application, employees can access their own attendance data, view their attendance logs intact and view their time attendance sheets. Can even apply for office attendance through this application.

Then what about the supervisors or managers can they use the system dashboard to gain insight into their team’s presence?
Of course, the concept of SmartPresence is a bit different in this respect. We place users with different logins unlike the employee data in the system. So if the supervisor already has data in employee data. Node data is not necessarily can be used as supervisor then oversees some other employees.
SmartPresence enforces the way in which any supervisor, admin or manager who will obtain attendance information from the system, must be re-invited using an email address, with previously established access restrictions, based on employee attributes. or against system access, whether it can write data, edit or delete.

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