Smart Attendance

Switch to smart presence and start to record attendance data simple and integrated.

Managing attendance easier with smart attendance SMARTPRESENCE

SmartPresence — Smart Attendance provides the easiness in managing attendance. You may worried when manage attendance data because of data ambiguity. Thus you have trouble while reporting and monitoring. You can concentrate on work, smart presence is the answer for attendance needs.

SmartPresence – a solution

  • No need specific device
  • Price per user
  • Supporting Mobile or KiosK
  • Setting system dynamic and easy
  • Running on all Android system devices
SmartPresence - Absensi Pintar - Dengan Teknologi Terkini

Smart Presence, With SmartPresence, you don't need to worry..

With Smart Presence, you don’t need to worried of data ambiguity since Smart presence uses face validation in order to prevent cheating and engage to cloud server. Thus data centered in a place to avoid data ambiguity that used to happened.

Making attendance report based on your needs (everyday, a week, a month) easily as attendance calculation is served automatically and computerized. In addition, you have an access all data anytime and anywhere. Monitoring, taking attendance data, evaluation, and supervision become easier either in the building or outside area.

See how "SmartPresence" gives solution for time and attendance

Check out "SmartPresence" users’s testimonial in transformaation of better attendance management.

SmartPresence provides all facilities in attendance management. You may be worried while managing attendance because of data ambiguity until you have a trouble to monitor and supervise. We are your solution for your problems.

Grundfos Pompa Gunakan SmartPresence - Absensi Pintar

PT. Grundfos Pompa uses SmartPresence

As the representative dealer in Indonesia, PT. Grundfos Pompa applies Smart Presence in order to manage employee attendance data easily.

Hotel Neo Denpasar Gunakan SmartPresence - Absensi Pintar

Hotel Neo Denpasar uses SmartPresence

Hotel Neo Denpasar applies Smart Presence as time and attendance solution thus employee personal performance can be measured accurately.

El Toro Bali Brazilian Resto Gunakan SmartPresence - Absensi Pintar

El Toro Barzilian Steak Restaurant

El Toro Barzilian Steak Restaurant applies Smart Presence to arrange shift schedules and supervise attendance data and working hours.

KSP Sila Mukti Gunakan SmartPresence - Absensi Pintar

Koperasi Simpan Pinjam Sila Mukti applies SmartPresence

By applying Smart Presence, KSP Silamukti is able to manage and control who works in the field.

SMKS Prashati Nilayam Gunakan SmartPresence - Absensi Pintar

SMKS Prashanti Nilayam uses SmartPresence

SMKS Prasanthi Nilayam applies Smart Presence for students, teachers, school staffs attendance system in order to accurate speed of supervision and data.

RSUD Jayapura Gunakan SmartPresence - Absensi Pintar

Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Jayapura uses SmartPresence

Impoving the discipline of administration and employees attendance as well as the liability of remuneration from government to present accurate attendance data.

Why do they like Smart Presence

Smart Presence has been trusted by companies, schools, hospital, offices and hotels for time management and personal presence in their respective organizations. Smart presence is simple, effective, easy to access, user friendly, accurate as well as goog techinal support service.

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