Privacy Policy

1.We reserve the right to request and collect your employee information that will used to fulfill data on DATA CAPTURE. The type of information we collect include name, phone number, work schedule and type of work hours.

2.Information collected automatically when you use our service, including attendance log such as date & time detail, attendance location, face photo, device name used during the attendance process, overdue and leave early data.

3.We use provided information  in order to complete attendance data, sending technical notification messages or support and administration messages. Accomplishing another purpose through collect your information or notified on the system.

4.We will use the best method and take reasonable action to protect your information from lost, theft, manipulation, modification, illegal access, and effacement.

5.We may share your information for some purposes such as:
To the vendor, consultant, and other service provider who needs access to information to carry out the work on our behalf.

Respond to requests for information if requested, or if we ensure it complies with applicable laws and regulations

Upon your agreement, if we notify you through the service, your information will be shared with in a certain way and you give the information.