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FAQ : Browser Support

Is SmartPresence present in the browser version?
Of course, SmartPresence is present in the browser platform for the dashboard master of the system. Yes only on the dashboard only. For attendance data recording and personnel portal only available in the form of mobile only. The browser support has been responsive dynamic. So it allows to be used well on mobile browsers as well.

Are all browser types supported?
It’s good to use the browser with the latest updates. While running well on Chrome, Opera and Firefox. In mobile browsers runs well on Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

Is there an issue with the support browser?
Some things you may find on the login session problem, especially for the feature transfer between companies. Previous tabs that are still open with active company A for example while the latest tabs are active with company B. When you return to company tab A is likely to be error when you try to operate on company dashboard A. Because it is operated with token modeling on every page. It is expected that you are actively working on one company at a time.

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