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FAQ: Expression Detection

What is Expression Detection?
Expression Detection is a feature of SmartPresence when the validation process resembles the facial pattern of people performing attendance records. The purpose of detection of expression is to prevent any attendance cheating using facial photos stored in the form of a file or a printed face photo to trick the system when validating. This feature is available on the DataCapture mobile app. And can be used if set to active.

This process appears in the second part after the facial recognition process. Suppose that the face similarity limit is set to 90 percent. Suppose the validation process has reached a value of 90 percent and above then the process of detection of expression appears in the visual interface asking people to change the face of his face into for example, to smile, smile wider, close his eyes, wink, do not smile.

What if a photo is prepared with the requested face variation?
The expression detection of the mimic changes makes a realtime introduction, the instantaneous camera record changes into different images of the face pattern will instantly state the invalid record. In addition, mimic changes are recognizable in motion from a pattern of face recognition that has been locked.

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