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Government Agencies

A simple, flexibel and easy to use attendance application

Knowing all features more to help in managing your employee attendance.

Cloud Server

Online attendance by using cloud computing provides facilites in monitoring, employee attendance report and data evaluation, either in the building or outside area.

Easy to arrange work schedule

Bimasakti Smart Presence provides feature for setting work schedule effectively and efficiently. Calculating of work hours automatically and computerized in order to preventing calculation errors.

Face Recognition

Face recognition is biometric technology that uses face to identify individuals. This technology offers validity in attendance process thus each attendance records becomes valid and simplify attendance management.

Dashboard and Attendance Report

Attendance report is essential either in evaluation or supervision. Sometimes, it is hard to be completed because of invalid data.

Access anywhere and anytime

This system is integrated so it can be accessed anywhere and anytime. This amenity gives a help in monitoring and make evaluation, supervision faster in a company since data is centered.

Three mobile applications

Bimasakti Smart Presence presents three mobile-based applications that have different but interconnect function : Data Capture, Employee, and Dashboard.

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What our costumers said

Our costumer testimonial :

  • “Attendance process becomes faster and the app is easy to use”

    Humas PDAM Multatuli
  • “Since used smart presence, no more wasting time to take attendance. So fast!”

    Officer - Popo Danes Architect
  • “Very useful application applied in developing technology based school.”

    Principal SMPN 3 Denpasar
  • “Feel helpful because of the notice of a sms to parents, so parents know that their children – the daughter of school. Parents are also easier to pick up students because there is a notification when they go home.”

    Principal SMP Keramas
  • “SmartPresence is very effective to help oversee students both from school and parents.”

    Vice principal of the facility SMK Prshanti Nilayam

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